Publishers Weekly review of “The Pigeon Whisperer"

“Though the final product is skeletal, those bones would be a great foundation for a movie.”

Independent Book Review

“THE PIGEON WHISPERER" by M. H. Matar is an intoxicating literary tale of one refugee’s destiny.”

Red Pillows Review of “The Pigeon Whisperer”

“The story is fast paced and well-crafted, raising points that we may have contemplated at different points in our lives: What does it take to belong? How far can one go for the things or people they love? What does it take to do the right thing? and many more. These questions are very pertinent and hit very close to home. This book is well worth the read and I strongly recommend it to everyone.”

Enigma Squeaks review of “The Pigeon Whisperer”

“Overall, this is a beautifully written story with ups and downs, loss and gain, hope and despair. It is compassionate, sensitive and thought provoking, highlighting the difficulties faced without being brash. I recommend The Pigeon Whisperer to all..”

Samama Reads review of “The 28 Mansions of the Moon.”

“The 28 Mansions of the Moon has been the most sophisticated book I read this year. The story gave me a unique sort of vibe, as if I were having a calming night at the desert and looking at the stars and contemplating world and its wonders with a wise companion.

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