• Just Finished writing my newest novel: Maya, The Blue Gold. As soon as I secure a publisher, the book will be published. 
  • Finishing part two of Maya: The Blue Gold. Did I mention that it’s going to be a triology?

  • Preparing for my doctorate studies in 2022: Utilizing humor in stories of hardship: refugees using semantic objects in storytelling.


    Pre-production of 2d-animated film “The Two Seas”. Aimed to be completed by July, 2022. The project is fully funded by Zayed University and is based on my first book “The 28 mansions of the moon”.

  • I’m a published researcher on storyteller and currently working as an assistant professor for the Media and communications department at Zayed University in Dubai.


  • I play the handpan/hangdrum (for two years) and recorded my first EP album under “Cosmic Turtle Handpan”Jus

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