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In search of hope and love in the modern world

In search of hope, love, some sort of foundation in this day and age, we sometimes get lost. That sense of longing can be deeply felt through an individual’s creative work and in the way people google, interact on social media and other online corners. But something remains hidden: in that deep dark corner of the world we all long for something more, yet we fail to find it. We look for it in the high rises of the buildings and in the busy streets. In the adrenaline rush but that’s not where we should be looking. We look outwardly but we need to look inwardly. This is where the healing power of art comes. The power of creation. The power of ideas. Through the power of ideas we seek to find our true selves: our hidden truth. The truth of avoidance. The truth of running away from our true selves. It should be very simple but most of the time it isn’t. The foundation remains blurry and hard to attain. It sounds like some kind of minimalist vive. It feels like a warm cup of coffee on our taste buds. A random date that turns right. It is chaotic and unpredictable. Yet, it is freeing to find that foundation as it is fundamentally important for survival. It’s learning to drive through the fog. It’s learning to face fear. Stoic philosopher Seneca calls it the “pre-meditation of adversity”. The premeditation of fear building. It’s scary. To attain the foundation or seek to build it we must shatter the existing foundation that prevents us from searching for for hope and love in a world where we are constantly getting lost physically and metaphysically: emotionally and intellectually.