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How small is your writing world?

Okay, maybe not so small after all. It is actually vast always emerging from the depths of everywhere and nowhere. I’ve always felt free when I would step into the shoes of my characters. Outline or no outline it didn’t matter. The characters have something to say or a lot to a say:

  • They are mystical.
  • Unpredictable.
  • They are living in two worlds: the east and west.
  • They are always seeking home.

Do they resemble me? In some ways they do and someways they don’t. I don’t only write good characters and I’m not afraid to create villains. Because we all have the good and bad within us, the yin and Yang and the black and white. The goal of the writer is not polish his or her characters and but to authentically bring them to life through their hopes and dreams and worries and fears and miseries and their ups and downs and everything else. Do the characters have to be an exact reflection of everything I’ve been through? No. But a writer can draw inspiration from everything and everywhere unless if you never left the house and you have never been in love and never had a friend or walked in the street. Then maybe you shouldn’t be a writer. Maybe you can be doing…something else. Your work as a writer is not aimed at making your rich. Don’t do it to go to the beach to write at sunset or to preach. Do it from your own room from your local cafe. Write in the car. Write on the rooftop.

Don’t say: “I will only write when I retire or when I’m fully satisfied with everything because you will never will.”

No one ever will.

Go and create worlds that you ONLY want to create. Write about characters you imagine and ones you have seen before. Write about you and then believe that you are writing garbage until you are not. I write worlds that I envision and worlds that I feel. I write as if I travelled the world. I write as if I see those characters in front of me with their names and character traits. Usually they are siluotee and their faces are vague. They speak to me. Your characters should speak to you too. I beg you please, travel the world. Go see things, don’t just sit there. More than that: create your own world. Write.