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Al Barzakh – Prelude


The soul sometimes leaves the body then returns, when someone doesn’t believe that, walk back into my house.” – Rumi

Al Barzakh is a novella I wrote in 2020. I am publishing it for free in a series of blog posts. If you enjoy reading the book you can get it on Amazon. Please enjoy!





They say that when we die our spirit remains in between our world and the next in a place called “Al-Barzakh”. They say our spirit resides there for 40 nights visiting locations we once knew, visiting loved ones whom we once knew. So, what does it feel like in there? How do we feel and what do we feel? Do we hear? Are we aware of things surrounding us? What does the world look like, feel like? Can anyone in the Barzakh interact with the world we live in now? Could we be observers? Witnesses? Maybe we feel nothing just like before they were born – and we continue to feel nothing till the moment we are born again.

Nassr, a name that means the victorious one, just decided to end his life and jump from the Brooklyn Bridge and put an end to all of this. The moment his body hit the water he felt the severe sharp pain of 100,000 knives penetrating every cell of his body. At first, he didn’t feel anything but then he started feeling pain, accelerating and escalating to every bone and every atom in his body.

Nassr has been victorious all his life. He thought of so many ways to end his life, like borrowing a 9mm pistol or using rat poison, or even ending his life by slitting his throat. Then he thought the most convenient and easiest way would be to dive into the water from up high. All his life – he felt had everything he had wished for, but he felt he had nothing, nothing at all.

“What was the purpose of life?” Nassr had asked so many millions of times, without finding a satisfying answer. It was too late, too late to find an answer when you are about hit the surface of the water with the speed of a car crashing into a solid surface. When you crash and transform your spirit into the world of the forever- traveling into the world of the Barzakh and remaining there before you say goodbye to it all – and start anew.