About Me

About The Author

I see myself through my writings as a bridge between the east and the west. I aim to connect and create steppingstones and bridges through my art and creative projects. I write mystical and spiritual journeys with teeth. I hold an MFA in Cinematic Arts from the Red Sea Institute for Cinematic Arts specializing in directing and editing and MA in Serial storytelling from Germany. I have worked as a promotion’s producer for 3 years and the Arab Radio and Television Network. I have also been working as visiting lecturer, faculty and assistant professor for media and communication since 2014. I am originally Palestinian. Born and raised in Jordan. I currently reside in Dubai United Arab Emirates (I have lived in several countries and places like Germany, USA, Jordan and UAE). I spend my time composing music and meditating on my two instruments (pygmy and Hijazi scale). I’m also an entrepreneur and a story and content generator: Always looking for new ideas and developing them. I have several ideas in the works: Serial TV concepts, Books, and entrepreneurial projects. 



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