Tunnel Twelve: Two walls that divide cities, hearts, and futures

Emma gave up her dream of being a successful photographer and is in a dead-end relationship when she decides to leave her world behind and move to Berlin where her grandma resides.

Andrea, Emma’s grandmother, knows that her days are numbered, so she decides to tell Emma, for the first time, the story of her youth in Germany when it was divided between the two global blocs into East and West. Emma experiences the story through the eyes of her grandma, who tells her the story of her fiancé ALBERT, a GDR officer who locks her up in a tailor shop.

In a twist of fate, and during her stay in Berlin, Emma meets a Palestinian photographer, ALI, who is currently residing in Berlin. Emma and Ali fall in love, and through their relationship Emma learns that Ali hasn’t yet recovered from the wounds of his past: A past that separated him from his mother, Zoubaida, since he was a child.

Emma and Ali fall in love, and after one year of marriage the relationship faces many troubles. The instability and fear of losing the relationship triggers Emma to head on a journey to learn about Ali’s past and his story with his mother. Emma decides to go to Palestine to meet with Ali’s mother to learn about his past. In her journey, Emma is struck by a 700-km wall in the occupied territories in Palestine, that separates people on both sides.

After learning about the two walls, one that went down, and another that still exists, Emma tries to redefine the meaning of walls in our lives not only on a physical level, but on a metaphysical and a personal one as well. She attempts to connect the world of her grandmother with the world of her mother-in-law, learning about the meaning of love, and the link between disconnection and connection. Emma bridges the stories of these two women together and reinvents the future that she wants to live in.



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