The Pigeon Whisperer (New Release, Sep. 2020)

With war ravaging his home in Syria, Dabbour, an introverted, 25-year-old pigeon herder, flees to Berlin with Yasser, his childhood friend. Dabbour is trying to learn the ropes in this new country; while trying to learn German he’s fallen for his German teacher, Zara.

One day in a Berlin train station, Dabbour sees a wayward, injured pigeon on the railway tracks; without thinking he jumps to save it, causing chaos and almost getting himself killed. For this, he is arrested by the police – and he realizes how much he misses home and his birds. Yasser asks Dabbour to use his talents as a “pigeon whisperer” to steal stray pigeons and train them to transport drugs. Dabbour agrees, then realizes it was a big mistake.

Dabbour sinks further and further into the world of crime and drug-smuggling,
jeopardizing his residency status in Germany.

Dabbour is forced to choose between his loyalty to his new “family” — the drug ring — and doing the right thing. Will love be his ultimate salvation?

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