Al Barzakh – Free EBook

The name Nassr, in Arabic, means the “victorious one,” and Nassr, 30, an Egyptian actor, after years of struggling, has finally made it to Hollywood and has been nominated for an Academy Award, but he decided to end it all. When he leaps from the Brooklyn Bridge he lands in a space where he looks back on his life, the people that he’s loved and hurt, the regrets he never knew he should have, and stares at the door to the unknown. There, he visits the eleven planets, all the people he owed gratitude to but overlooked, the sun and the moon…

This is not a book for those with faint hearts.
This is not a religious text book.
If you don’t have the courage to read on, and you’re not ready for the journey, then don’t turn the page.

They say that when we die our spirit remains in between our world and the next in place called “Al Barzakh,” the Isthmus. They say our spirit resides there for 40 nights visiting locations we once knew, visiting our loved ones. So, what does it feel like in there? How do we feel and what do we feel? Do we hear? Are we aware of things surrounding us? What does the world look like and feel like? Can anyone in the Barzakh interact with the physical world? Could people in the Barzakh be observers? Witnesses? Maybe we feel nothing just like before we were born – and we continue to feel nothing till moment we are born again and brought back from our deaths.
He thought of so many ways to end his life, borrowing a 9mm pistol or using rat poison, or maybe by slitting his own throat. But he thought jumping from the Brooklyn Bridge would be painless. He thought he was right, because when his body hit the water he didn’t feel anything, but then the pain started escalating and intensifying, a severe sharp pain of 10,000 knives, penetrating every cell of his body.
“What was the purpose of life?” Nassr had asked so many millions of times, without ever finding an answer. His body was about to hit the surface of the water like an accelerating car crashing, transporting his body and spirit into the world of the forever – traveling into the world of the Barzakh and remaining there to say goodbye to it all – and starting anew.



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