Let down, Rise Up

It’s just that sometimes you are let down.     Hell, with everything you say, and you tell yourself a million reasons why you shouldn’t be doing something. I am not lucky. Life has disappointed me a million times. But then again, a voice lurks in the horizon, a voice that wakes you up from your … Continue reading “Let down, Rise Up”

The Parable of Talent: The 6 Muses of Art, Writing and Everything else.

Prelude: If you are asking yourself this question, then you are not alone. The reason why everyone around you is making stuff and getting all creative while you are not. The reason you feel you are stuck. So imagine that you travelled back in time, found yourself on a porch, pondering the state of the … Continue reading “The Parable of Talent: The 6 Muses of Art, Writing and Everything else.”

Start with the limitless road: why do we choose a life that is unattainable to feel special?

There’s glamour in a life that gives us attention. Walking on the red carpet. Sharing our success on social media and getting the recognition that we crave. But how real does a life of fame and validation really get? Is it real? Or it just stepping into a mirage? The reason we do everything is … Continue reading “Start with the limitless road: why do we choose a life that is unattainable to feel special?”

How many frogs have you kissed?

Are you looking for the perfect idea that will put you on the road of success and set you free? The idea that will make you an award winning filmmaker or a best selling author or a successful entrepreneur? But what are the odds of generating that perfect idea? Where would this idea come from … Continue reading “How many frogs have you kissed?”

On Appreciating the Little Things…

How little does appreciating the little things matter? A lot. Look around, what do you see? I see nothing one might answer. Look again, I say. unlimited beauty? Yes, endless a beauty. As a writer I tend to focus on the smallest minute details that capture my attention. A writer might be perceived as someone … Continue reading “On Appreciating the Little Things…”

On Telling Stories

Writing, to me, is a way to explore other worlds and other people’s lives through creating fictions. But fiction is not necessarily about creating fake identities or stories that are detached from reality. Fiction, in its essence, is about creating stories which are a pure reflection of the world. Whether they are coming from daily … Continue reading “On Telling Stories”

An Antidote to Negativity

Imagine this: You are diseased or poisoned. But you don’t know it. You have spent all your life carrying the disease with you yet you didn’t know it until someone tells you that you have it. You have no symptoms. The only symptoms that you have are symptoms of depression and low morale. You decide … Continue reading “An Antidote to Negativity”

28 Mansions of the Moon — — Chapter 1: Alif

Awaken me from the vision that took me by storm. Awaken me from the dream where I spoke gracefully for the first time. Ask the dream that opened up to the world like a window. Ask it about the suffering and the sudden unexpected arrival that it has on us like a shooting star falling … Continue reading “28 Mansions of the Moon — — Chapter 1: Alif”